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The Area

       The WEL Elementary project is a non-profit that will select children whose parents are at low economic status and can’t afford to pay for their children’s school fees.  The effect of this project will allow more children in the area to attend pre-school and primary school.

  • The school will service the town of Adulala, in the East Oromia region of Ethiopia.  Which is 2 hours south-east of the capitol Addis Ababa.
  • The Region has a population of 1.8 million people, with half of it constituting of impoverished kids under 18.
  • There is no access to quality education and youth development in the area.
  • 34% of the population are Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC)
  • There is scarce simple medical care in a country with 16.5% infected by HIV/AIDS.


Direct Beneficiaries


Indirect Beneficiaries



To get access to some awesome pictures and exclusive content of the area make sure to check out our photographer's profile. As he is there right now in Ethiopia creating some wonderful content for our non-profit and for you guys!

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Give a child an opportunity at life & build an everlasting relationship.

With almost 2 million kids orphaned in the region and 15% of them diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, medical care is urgent.  WEL non-profit would serve to provide regular medical check ups with kids and also providing a clinic to be able to administer to those disable or infected.

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