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At ``Werkuwa Enate Laketch (Wur-kwa En-a-teh La-keh-tch) Elementary School`` (W.E.L. Elementary School) it is our commitment to provide the children of Adulalas, Ethiopia with an opportunity to achieve & experience, not only the highest level of education, but to also equip them with the tools necessary to become productive citizens in today's society. At W.E.L. Elementary School our focus is on teaching children to showcase their best behaviors, the importance of their studies, and to build strong lasting relationships amongst their peers. Our school was created to fulfill one woman’s dream of building an elementary school for children who either do not have a parental figure in their life or simply could not afford to attend school. The opportunities here satisfy both missions and we are proud to complete the legacy of our original founder.


  • Create access to education in Adulala and its surrounding rural kebeles for 360 economically disadvantaged and vulnerable children by the end of 2021.
  • To increase the number of enrollment of children from 5% to 7% by the end of the project period.
  • Provide necessary clothing and uniforms for children under extreme poverty and vulnerability.
  • To provide a nutritious meal two times a day.
  • To provide minor medical service to the needy.
Located in the east Oromia Region, particularly in East Shoa zone of Abdulala Town and its surrounding Rural Kebeles of Liben Chukela District near Bishoftu town, this area targets the most disadvantaged and vulnerable children; those who are poverty stricken and are of special needs. We target educating children who otherwise could not receive proper education. Although there is hope to expand our outreach over the next few years, W.E.L. Elementary School will initially begin its services with 75 to 100 students in its first year.