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At WEL Elementary we make sure no kid feels left out, and keeps a high standard of development to get the best out these kids.  We believe that they are equipped with enormous potential and capabilities that significantly contribute to their well being and societal benefit.  What is needed is a simple systematic strategy that boosts their confidence, gives them access to education, care, and support.

  • We expect our students to to perform at a level above the normal Ethiopian school.
  • In most schools the passing grade is 50%, we expect our students to have a passing rate from first grade and on, of 95%.
  • On standardized tests the government requires a 37% and a 39% for girls.  At WEL we expect 50% or higher.
  • WEL would increase the number of enrollment of children from 5% to 7% in 5 years.

WEL educations is one of a kind, be apart of building a dream!

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