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Werkuwa Enate Laketch (WEL)  Elementary is WEL Non-Profit’s first project as an organization and only one right now.  In total we can effect 360 students!  We can help another 1200 indirectly also!

In WEL Elementary’s initial year we would enroll between 70-100 students and then reach 360 students after about 3-4 years.  With your support we can provide Pre-school along with first through fifth grade.  Our facility will serve as an accessible, feasible, responsive,  safe,  child sensitive, and friendly institution.  Where their formative care, support services, and subsequent capacity development services will be entertained at different phases.  Totally rehabilitating an area and eventually the region.

Not only are the students our main focus, but the educators also are very important in the development of these children.  WEL will provide an education that challenges students to bring the best out of them and we want our educators to reflect this attitude also.  Teachers will never have too many kids in his/her classroom with a ratio of 1:30 compared to the normal 1:50, now each student can get the attention they need.  Teachers will also be organized into quarterly capacity building training sessions to keep up the WEL standard of education.

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