WEL Children's Project

The school is going to be a primary school educating local disadvantaged kids in the area from kindergarten through sixth grade.  Phase 1 of the project will bring three rooms;  2 kindergarten classes with 25 students and 1 administrative office.  Also the teachers and a garden. The town of Adulala is about 45 km outside of the capitol of Addis Abeba, it is a very rural town with minimal access to necessities for child development.  The school would be making a tremendous impact on the community and also be a good example for other rural towns in the country.  The area is specifically special to WEL because it is in memory of Laketch Debebe, the mother of the founders of this organization.  She was actually from this area and was one of the lucky ones to make it out to make a life for herself.  Her life mission towards her sunset was to bring about a school in the area, that would provide impoverished children with a place of hope and development for their future.

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How we are changing an area

  • Education

    Providing a universal curriculum to produce capable and creative students that will be part of the world instead of left behind.

  • Nourishments

    The majority of children in the area are malnourished and can only eat what their family can provide.  The school would be providing nutritious and natural meals for the children daily.

  • Skills

    The school will not only teach the kids basic skills but also technical skills to help them create in the modern world.  Providing them with skills that will bring them into the 21st century.


Where does my money go? What is it doing?

Your money goes into a secured bank account in the US designated specifically for non-profit organizations.  The money is used for three things right now that's materials for construction, labor for workers, and marketing for our online campaigns.  As the phase 1 is completed a fourth cost will be added and that is the administration of the school.  Up to date computers, books, gardening tools to teach outdoor skills, and compensation for the teachers.

Are you a legit non-profit organization?

Yes, We are a qualified 501(c)(3) organization approved by the IRS (US Internal Revenue Services). 

How do I help if I can't donate?

Any help is greatly appreciated! Share us with your friends on facebook and instagram by clicking the links at the bottom.  If you are somebody with administrative or NGO experience we would love your input and guidance, feel free to email us at contact@welnonprofit.org