First Day of School!

"Today I am honored and humbled to announce the inaugural opening of the WEL Non-Profit Children’s Project in Adulala, Ethiopia. First and foremost and big thank you to GOD. If it wasn’t for his grace and his hands guiding every step of this way we wouldn’t be here. We pray for more guidance and strength to continue to equip us with the tools to get us to our final goal. Second to those that have been supporting and giving their continuous time, money, and sacrifice for the cause. Thank you so much deeply! We are happy to announce that today 50 Kindergarten students walked into a brand new learning environment made just for them and their growth. The students are separated into 25 student classrooms to avoid over crowded rooms and hand picked teachers to convey a unique universal curriculum. This is just a milestone along the marathon to our final goal of a K-6 primary school. So please continue to share our cause to your friends, family, co-workers, anyone you know! We need your continuous support to develop this school to the learning environment we strive it to be. So that the same thing can be done in other rural areas and inspire a nation."

-Yeshewaget Techale, Co-Founder

This week we started our first week of school and we can't explain how excited the kids are!  The team there has hit the ground running but we still need your continuous help.  In a years time these students need to have their next grade level rooms ready for them so its imperative that we continue to spread the word.  It is bigger than us, the average age of an Ethiopian is 18 years old, making sure that the countries youth is critical.  Especially when more than half the population is a teenager or younger.  Making sure that no child gets looked over and is given an equal opportunity.  So please continue with the support and lets be part of something life changing.

More photos can be on our Instagram page @welnonprofit


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