The School

Laying the foundation

In WEL Elementary’s initial year - Phase 1

  • We intend to enroll 60 students
  • Two kindergarten classrooms
  • One administrative office
  • A garden
  • Nourishments
  • Administrative staff
  • Books and computers

Our final goal is 360 students after 3-4 years.  With your support we can provide Head Start programs along with kindergarten to 5th grade academics.  Our facility will serve as an accessible, feasible, responsive, and safe.  Where children’s’ formative care, support services, and subsequent skills will be nurtured at distinct phases. WEL Elementary School will completely rehabilitate an area through educating its youth and indirectly change an entire region. Also being an example to other rural areas also needing to bridge that gap in their youth.


Not only are the students our focus, but our educators are vital to the development of these children.  WEL will provide an education that challenges students to bring out their best and we expect our educators to reflect this attitude daily. Instructors and Volunteers will never have too many kids in his/her classroom or care; with a ratio of 1:30 compared to the normal 1:50, assuring that each student gets the attention they need and deserve.  Instructors and Staff will also be scheduled to attend quarterly capacity building and training sessions to keep staff accountable to a golden education.

Our future expansions include the opening of a full bakery, as well as other local businesses so that we can subsidize the costs of providing a golden education to each child.  We intend to register these businesses with the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) which is an organization that follows the ten principles of fair trade.  Students in our organization will learn to understand how businesses operate, while the people of the area will be provided opportunity of employment offering easy work with good income.